Pre-Seed capital / VC advisory

We partner and support talented founders in the early days of founding their business with operational support, key contacts in North America and without asking for any commitments. Our services connect exceptional people and fostering a dialogue between new and seasoned founders within the startup community and their industry associations. The founders that we work with typically have a strong professional or academic backgrounds, and often include serial entrepreneurs and/or recognized industry expertise.

We have invested in and guided founders to 5x to 30x their value of their entities. We primarily support American entities and entities with global clients. Our cheque size ranges from USD $25,000 to $100,000 for the right entities.

We focus on working with independent and founder-driven companies. Our potential Pre-Seed services offer upon the foundation of a company remains optional for the entrepreneurs to accept. This clearly differentiates our investment approach from incubation or accelerator programs. We provide board related services, including key human resources and capital markets contacts to leverage the probability of success for your business. We provide substantial support for our Pre-Seed clients to reach and cross the inflection point.