Family Law

Chartered Business Valuators ("CBV") helps litigators, the courts and business owners quantify their business value and income for support.

Our Chartered Business valuator has over a decade of litigation support and forensic accouting experience - we have seen all sorts of scenarios play out in family law courts.

Family Law Valuation

  • Net family property calculations and settlement solutions for equalization claims
  • Business Valuation (Holding Companies, Operating Companies, Partnerships, LLCs, Flow Through Entities - S Corps, Trusts)
  • Intellectual Property Valuation (Patents, Trademarks, Customer Lists etc.)
  • Assets Valuation (Portfolios, Stock Options, Pensions, RSUs, DSUs, Royalties etc.)
  • Marriage Contract (Pre-Nup) Valuations
  • Expert Witness
  • Critique of Another Expert Report

Family Law Income

  • Income report for child support obligations, as per the Child Support Guidelines (Canada)
  • Income assessment for spousal support obligations as per the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (Canada)
  • Income assessment for mediation or arbitration matters
  • Expert Witness
  • Critique of Another Expert Report


  • Asset Missapropriation Analysis
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Tracing Income - Onshore and offshore Analyiss
  • Fraud / Deceiving the Courts confirmation Analysis