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Value Vs. Price: Marketability Discount – Mandelbaum Factors

Examining the Mandelbaum factors and the 10 factors that one should consider in determining the appropriate marketability discount on private company common shares. The 10 factors can also be considered a guide to analyzing risk, from one perspective, of public company shares.....

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Business valuations during COVID: Timing is everything

COVID-19 has had a significant impact, whether temporarily or permanently, on the earnings and value of many businesses. With the news of the vaccine rollout, temporary impacts, which started with the pandemic lockdowns, should soon start to fade. However, the value of a business could vary significantly depending on the....

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Valuations, mergers and acquisitions during inflationary periods

It has been said that inflation is taxation without legislation. While there have been numerous discussions on whether inflation is transitory or permanent, we believe that there are arguments to be made on both sides. Each scenario has implications when considering business valuations and mergers and acquisitions....

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