Medical Professional Practices - Dentists

Industry Description

This industry comprises establishments of health practitioners having the degree of D.M.D. (Doctor of dental medicine), D.D.S. (Doctor of dental surgery), or D.D.Sc. (Doctor of dental science) primarily engaged in the independent practice of general or specialized dentistry or dental surgery. These practitioners operate private or group practices in their own offices (e.g., centers, clinics) or in the facilities of others, such as hospitals or HMO medical centers. They can provide either comprehensive preventive, cosmetic, or emergency care, or specialize in a single field of dentistry.

Benchmark Data

$1 Million - $5 Million Net Sales

  • MVIC/Net Sales: 0.67
  • MVIC/Gross Profit: 0.72
  • MVIC/SDE: 1.33
  • MVIC/EBITDA: 1.86

Statistics (Dentists)

  • Number of Establishments: 193,924
  • Average Profit Margin: 15.3%
  • Revenue per Employee: $135,000
  • Average Number of Employees: 6.3
  • Average Wages per Employee: $51,300