Investment Management

Investment Management

Minerva, in partnership with a few registered advisors in the U.S., is offering a new service - investment management. Given the level of care and customization required, this service is available to executives, high net worth owners & entrepreneurs, corporations and not for profits with a portfolio value in excess of USD $500,000+. Mr. Mathews has been investing into developing various products for the investment management community over the past five years - preferred share, etf and insider trading data bases. Mr. Mathews is a proponent of Mr. Ray Dalio's school of thought as evidenced by changing global trade over the last 30 years. Abhi Mathews credits his economics training in undergraduate to help guide some of his strategist perspectives.

Using his CFA and years valuing private entities, Abhi Mathews has been able to hone strategies that cater towards various clientale. His experience including asset allocation, real estate, lending, derivatives hedging and exposure underwriting pre-ipo investments and debt investments to accredited investors, have helped mold him to who he is today. He has the skillset, using various valuation designations, to price complex financial instruments for sophistacted clients - take his prepackaged bankruptcy position in General Growth Properties in 2009.

These Investment Management Services cater to:

Executives, including accounting and law firm partners, often are the helm of running their firms for the majority of the day, six days a week. As busy executives, one may need advisors outside of their circle to guide them as there may be numerous conflicts of interest. Alternatively, financial executives employing a do it yourself approach, often, fail to maximize returns as it is a reactive approach to investing.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs need specialized guidance catered to their objectives and goals. Take a technology executive in a high growth start-up that needs to balance their business risk with that of their portfolio. Our customized sophistacted solutions allow owners to plan for the worst while hoping for the best.

As an advisor for corporations, we cater our solutions to full gamma of products available in North America. Depending on the objectives of the shareholders' and board of directors', our solutions maximize results over the long term. Careful consideration is given to asset allocation by region, industry and counterparty.

NFPs have to navigate long term interests of their stakeholders. For various NFPs, we benchmark and provide relevant institutional holdings of NFPs in North America. Utilizing a custom solution based on duration and asset liability matching, we cater a portfolio towards their objective.

We have working knowledge that revolves around the following asset classes:

  • North American Large Cap Equities
  • North American Preferred Shares
  • Commercial Real Property
  • Pre-IPO Investments
  • Futures (Commodities)
  • Venture Capital
  • Crpyto and NFTs
  • Private Businesses
  • ETFs
  • Litigation Financing
  • Specialized Lending